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Help Develop Interactive Training Software

550 Cord has just begun to develop military training software and needs help to create more. There are literally millions of possibilities with what we can do with software programming. The problem lies in coming up with the ideas and content of the programs. All of the current programs are ones which we personally felt the military needed.

However, the military is widespread and has many different missions. This large organization covers just about every field known to man and is continually training and cycling members through.

If you have an idea for a product which has yet to be developed, feel free to contact us with your software program and presentation suggestion. After reviewing your comments and deciding if your program is feasible or not, we will work with you individually to create a program to fit your training needs.

If you can convince us that this program would be useful to other military units then we will create this program for you free of charge. However, if this product has a small target audience, then prices will be worked out on an individual basis.

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