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1) David and Tom Judd 19969
2) Tom and David Judd 19965
3) Nabster 19931
4) Drapp2 19249
5) Gunner 18625
6) boirby2 18297
7) IRBY9 18292
8) palau 14s 18198
9) Michael LaVergne 18187
10) Matt 18143
11) Danny5066 18072
12) kkm 18009
13) twit 17967
14) Steevy c (cpl Cogswell) 17951
15) PFC LeGrand 17951
16) Smelly Poo Man 17934
17) BlackAcesPilot 17923
18) STRIDEY BOY 17918
19) Michael B. 17907
20) vince 17907
21) Eastin W Bricco 17890
22) TYPHOON73 17885
23) Nightshades 17841
24) JCPL Lee 17835
25) Brad B 17830
26) jon93 17808
27) Jhawk 17797
28) SSG Kennedy 17797
29) Willers-Finch 17769
30) jlkjlkjlkjlkjlk 17758
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Aircraft Recognition
So you can spot the difference between a bomber and a fighter, good for you. But can you quickly identify the majority of the United States military aircraft? From helicopters to fighters in all services, see how quickly you make out the correct aircraft name and nomenclature just by a photo. All you'll have to do is quickly select the aircraft title among the five listed. The faster you correctly identify the equipment pictured, the more points you earn. Click the Begin Quiz Button below to start
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