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550 Cord Interactive Training Tools Software
Below is a list of our current products. If you have an idea for other possible products which are not already offered, click here.
Land Navigation Training

Land Navigation Training   ·  v 3.8   ·  View Demo

Land Navigation training aid embeds animated 3D terrain models, animated graphics, instructional text, pictures, interactive exercises, 40 question test and examples from every aspect of land nav.

Software Info  ·  Download Software   ·  View Demo

Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) Training

Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) Training   ·  v 1.5   ·  View Demo

The CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) Training software program has been created for military instructors to use as a high quality, information filled training tool. This easy to use software program is not only ideal for teaching individuals new to CBRN knowledge, but also a great annual refresher tool for experienced service members.

Software Info  ·  Download Software   ·  View Demo

Army Tape Test Standards (2010 Forms)

Army Tape Test Standards (2010 Forms)   ·  v 3.0

Effective Jun 2010, the Army has updated the DA5500 and DA5501 forms. With the aid of pictures and illustrations, our program goes above and beyond the AR 600-9 by sifting through the large publication and providing only what you need to know to properly administer tape tests for either gender.

Software Info  ·  Download Software

Army Smart Card Creator

Army Smart Card Creator   ·  v 4.0   ·  View Demo

Created to quickly design and print custom Army Smart Cards as a quick reference for soldiers to study and have readily available when needed, much like military GTA cards.

Software Info  ·  Download Software   ·  View Demo

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Army Fitness Calculator  ·  v 4.2

The Army Fitness Calculator brings the APFT, extended scale, alternate run event, and body fat calculators for all age groups and both genders into one easy to use program.

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