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Army Tape Test Standards (2010 Forms)
Body Fat Content Worksheet Calculator
Full descriptions and images of circumferences

This program includes the latest body fat content worksheets, forms DA5500 (JUN 2010) and DA5501 (JUL 2010). Our previous program, version 2, had worksheets from 2006. The AR 600-9, however, has not changed and this program is still based off of the SEP 2006 Army Regulation.

The Army Tape Test Standards program not only clearly defines the AR 600-9 (SEP 2006) standards, but is capable of calculating, printing and saving the body fat content worksheets through simple inputs.

Body fat content worksheets, which differ between males (DA FROM 5500, JUN 2010) and females (DA FORM 5501, JUL 2010), require numerous referencing and paging through different locations within the regulation. This tedious and complicated process is time consuming and can easily be miscalculated. Most tape tests are done after a unit APFT. Depending on a unit’s size, the process of testing against height and weight standards and calculating body fat percentage could lead to an extended amount of time and numerous mistakes.

Why use our Army Tape Test Standards Software?
Benefits of the Army Tape Test Standards program include bulleted and simple, yet understandable, instructions to clearly explain these standards. With the aid of pictures and illustrations, our program goes above and beyond the AR 600-9 (SEP 2006) by sifting through the large publication and providing only what you need to know to properly administer tape tests for both genders.

The largest advantage to our software is the body fat calculator. The program not only calculates the percentages from the AR 600-9 (SEP 2006) tables, but allows you to either print out the worksheet or save the worksheet to your computer as a Microsoft® Excel® file* that could be opened and printed later (2010 forms). Also, while recording measurements into the program, it displays proper instructions for each circumference site so there’s no confusion. And rounding is no longer a headache because the calculator will correctly round each measurement according to the AR 600-9 (SEP 2006) standards.

Print-out Reference Materials
Along with being able to calculate, print out and save worksheets, our program also prints out reference materials from AR 600-9 (SEP 2006) data tables. For example, while the current publication uses nine pages for the "Percent fat estimates for females" data (Figure B–6), our program can print out the same information on one page making quick referencing easier. Other one page references include Height & Weight screening table and allowable percent body fat table and circumference site and landmark descriptions.

The Army Regulation 600-9 (SEP 2006) includes illustrations for male and female tape measurements. Circumference sites and descriptions are up to each reader’s interpretation and can lead to the common confusion on how to properly tape an individual. Our software has been developed to minimize miscalculations and clear up any confusion with the intent to help standardization.

* The Army Tape Test Standards program does NOT require Microsoft® Office® to be installed on your computer. However, the feature to open up saved worksheet files requires Microsoft® Excel® [version 2003 or later] to view and print the saved files.
- AR 600-9 Army Weight Control Program

Price: $34.95

File Size: 2.76MB

File Type: EXE

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