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PT Circuit Station Displays
Cross-Country Skier Display
High Jumper Display
Lunger Display

Our PT Circuit zip file contains PDF files showing proper exercise demonstrations for 19 different common PT circuit stations. The PDF files not only write in large bold letters the station name, but displays graphical demonstrations of the exercise taken straight from the FM 21-20.

Circuit PT is a round robin of various physical training exercises used by military units. These display signs are useful because you will be able to easily mark where and what the next station is during circuit PT, display the proper execution of the exercise, and you can print out as many professional looking display signs as needed.

After you download the zip file, you will be able to print out each of the Acrobat PDF demonstration displays. This file allows you to quickly and easily create PT circuit display signs for your unitís physical fitness training.

Display Signs:
- Bend and Reach
- Close Hand Push-ups
- Cross-Country Skier
- Dips
- Flutter Kick
- Grass Drills
- High Jumper
- Knee Bender
- Lunger
- Mountain Climber
- Pull-Ups
- Push-Up
- Side-Straddle Hop
- Sit-up
- Ski Jump
- Sprints
- Supine Bicycle
- The Engine
- Wide-Hand Push-ups

- FM 21-20 Army Physical Fitness Training
- AR 600-9 Army Weight Control Program

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