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Question What is my AKO email address and how do I access it?
Answer All United States Army Service members (Active, Reserve, Guard, Retired) have access to an Army Knowledge Online (AKO) email address. An AKO email is an official military (.mil) and secure (https) account. If you do not know your AKO email and require additional information or assistance please contact the AKO Help Desk.

When you registered for AKO, you received an email address. For example: ( Your email address can be accessed by going directly to the AKO Webmail website ( or through the Army Knowledge Online Portal by selecting "Email", located on the top right bar of the AKO Home Page.

You can also access your AKO account with any POP/IMAP capable mail client (Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.) The instructions for configuration are located in the Help section of the AKO Portal.

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»What is my AKO email address and how do I access it?
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