About 550 Cord Software

550 Cord Software was developed to fill the gap between military training aides and visual communication. Almost every military unit has access to a computer and video projector. Why let these tools go to waste with long mind-numbing PowerPoint presentations when you can use the same equipment for interactive training tools. The creators of 550 Cord Software have many years of experience in the military and understand what changes need to be made and which areas need to improve.

Currently, most courses are taught with the "Death by PowerPoint" mentality. While PowerPoint is still valuable in lecturing outlines and notes, it lacks the animation, integrated video, interactivity and computer programming power that our software can offer.

The software programs developed by 550cord.com are able to utilize the power of Macromedia Flash to create presentations, which work similar to Microsoft's PowerPoint, and other interactive software tools that will greatly improve training techniques.

Military Information Sources and Discussion

By no means is this software considered classified materials or military secrets. Each and every reference material used to develop this software has the disclaimer Approved for Public Release, Distribution Unlimited by the cognizant U.S. government department or agency. Training materials available are collaborations and summarizations of public source information.

Materials and references gained were not through military channels, secured military websites nor military publications. The public source of the information is available on hundreds of legal, non-government or non-military control websites which are legally authorized to post the public domain information.

This list does not include military unit websites (ROTC schools, official military post websites, unit websites, etc.) which also provide this information freely to the public. Clearly the software which we provide is no different.

The majority of our business is centered on training ROTC cadets. Software and training materials within the ROTC community is common and most times necessary when teaching new cadets infantry tactics in a classroom environment. However, these tactics are in the simplest form which we have already established is available to public.

Advanced, complex and highly developed techniques, tactics and procedures are taught in United States military schools by military members. This information is not available to the public or remotely available in our software. Our mission is to provide simple training materials, from public domain references, to help cadets and new recruits learn fundamentally basic procedures.

What does 550 Cord have to do with Software Programs?

Anyone who has been in the military for more than 5 minutes knows what 550 Cord is. For those of you who don't, it's a type of nylon rope that has a tensile strength of 550 pounds and comes in handy in all situations. At times it can be a lifesaver (kind of like duct tape) and it's always wise to have a small roll in your ruck sack. Our software products are much the same; useful, practical and always great to have available (along with being easy to remember).

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