550 Cord Software Information

New Web Based Presentation

We're excited to now offer an updated web-based version which works on all operating systems, to include Mac, iPad, Windows and mobile devices!

550 Cord software purchased before August 2022 is no longer available to be downloaded. Due to the age of the software, and troubles with the legacy Windows download, it is no longer supported.

Legacy Windows Downloads

Previously, 550 Cord presentations were a downloadable Windows program which could be only be ran from a Windows PC. These legacy program files are no longer available for download, and have been replaced with a web-based version that is now available for subscription.

Modern networks and intranets often block downloading a Windows program and running the software. This includes preventing the Windows program from running from a USB thumbdrive.

Software Now Web Accessible

Due to the difficulties with the legacy Windows software, and the fact it was only accessible from a Windows PC, 550 Cord presentations have been upgraded as web applications.

Now Accessible on Macs, iPads and Mobile Devices

The presentations are available from any web browser, such as Chrome, Safari, and Edge, and from any operating system, such as Windows, Mac, and iPad.

Subscription Based

Previously the software was a one-time purchase and download, which was difficult to use with modern networks. However, with the latest web application updates the software now works on all browsers and operating systems.

The presentations are now available as an annual subscription, instead of a one-time download, and can be viewd through through a secure-access link sent to the subscriber via email.

Previous Purchases

If you previously purchased the legacy downloadable Windows presentation, we appreciate your support. However, due to the age of the software, and challenges with the legacy Windows download, it is no longer supported.

Therefore we're excited to launch the upgraded presentation that's accessible from Mac, PC and mobile devices. We appreciate your continued support by subscribing to our new web-based presentation.