ACFT Calculator - Calculate Army Combat Fitness Test Score (April 2022)

What is the ACFT / Army Combat Fitness Test?

The Army Combat Fitness Test is the assessment for the physical domain of the Army's Holistic Health and Fitness System. As a general physical fitness test, an age and gender performance-normed scoring scale will be used to evaluate a Soldier's physical fitness.

The ACFT requirements take into account the physical demands of a combat scenario as well as the needs of different Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) and unit requirements. A pass/fail result has replaced the physical demand category rating that was once utilized for the ACFT evaluation.

Army Combat Fitness Test Events (April 2022)

The ACFT consists of the following six events:

As of April 2022, for the core-strength testing event, soldiers must now successfully perform a plank hold. The leg tuck event was a requirement for troops to perform in earlier iterations of the ACFT, but the most recent version of the ACFT has completely eliminated the event.

How to Calculate ACFT Score

A Soldier must achieve a minimum score of 60 points in each of the six events to pass the test. By earning 100 points on each of the six events, it is possible to get the maximum score of 600 points.

Complete each event, then utilize the Score Chart to view the points given for the outcomes of each event to get your ACFT score.

To determine the final Army Combat Fitness Test score, add up all the points for each event. Regardless of the soldier's overall score, each event must have at least 60 points to pass. Army Combat Fitness Test Scorecard: DA Form 705-TEST

Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) Resources

Is the ACFT 2022 approved?

Beginning on April 1, 2022, the Army rolled out a redesigned ACFT that makes a number of changes based on the results of 630,000 sample ACFT tests, an independent assessment by RAND, and input from Soldiers.

What has changed since ACFT 3.0?

Performance-normed scoring guidelines that are scaled for age and gender are now part of the test. The addition of the 2.5-mile walk as an additional aerobic event and the plank as the only core-strength exercise are other modifications.

The new scoring criteria, which was created using historical performance rates, more precisely evaluate each person's physical fitness objectives in relation to age and gender categories. After RAND found that not all Soldiers' core strength was accurately measured by the exercise, the leg tuck was abandoned. Instead, it was decided that the plank would offer a similar testing environment and more.

Why was the scoring changed to an age and gender-based performance standard?

A careful examination of all data, Soldier input, and analysis from the RAND independent study served as the foundation for the switch to an age and gender performance-normed score scale. The change in scoring scales ensures a fair transition to a new fitness test of record and more correctly reflects the distribution of performance across all Army elements. The finalized ACFT score scales, which are still exacting, will allow the Army to encourage a culture of physical preparedness and fitness.

What are the ACFT's minimum requirements?

What is a respectable ACFT score? Each ACFT event requires 60 points in order to pass, for a total of 360 points across all six events. Regardless of their career field, all Soldiers must achieve the same minimum score.

What are the points for each ACFT event?

You can look up your ACFT score using the ACFT Calculator and ACFT Score Viewer.

Fill in the DA Form 705-TEST: Army Combat Fitness Test Scorecard using the ACFT Scoring Scales.

Why did the Army remove the leg tuck from the ACFT?

The Army came to the conclusion that the plank simply gives a more accurate measure of core strength for all Soldiers based on examination of observed test data. As the leg tuck demands a minimum level of upper body strength, which makes it hard to test core strength across all Soldiers commensurately, the independent RAND study found that the leg tuck was not a reliable predictor of core strength for all Soldiers.