Chapter 1 Introduction

1–1. Purpose

This regulation establishes policies and procedures for the implementation of the Army Weight Control Program (AWCP).

1–2. References

Required and related publications and prescribed and referenced forms are listed in appendix A.

1–3. Explanation of abbreviations and terms

Abbreviations and special terms used in this regulation are explained in the glossary.

1–4. Responsibilities

Responsibilities are listed in chapter 2.

1–5. Objectives

a. The primary objective of the AWCP is to insure that all personnel—

(1) Are able to meet the physical demands of their duties under combat conditions.

(2) Present a trim military appearance at all times.

b. Excessive body fat—

(1) Connotes a lack of personal discipline.

(2) Detracts from military appearance.

(3) May indicate a poor state of health, physical fitness, or stamina.

c. Objectives of the AWCP are to—

(1) Assist in establishing and maintaining—

(a) Discipline.

(b) Operational readiness.

(c) Optimal physical fitness.

(d) Health.

(e) Effectiveness of Army personnel through proper weight control.

(2) Establish appropriate body fat standards.

(3) Provide procedures for which personnel are counseled to assist in meeting the standards prescribed in this regulation.

(4) Foster high standards of professional military appearance expected of all personnel.